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Investigative Research Book, Audiocassette and Video on GANGS
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Investigative Research Book, Audiocassette and Video on GANGS
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Extensive Book, Audiocassette and Video on Gang Research for Awareness and Training!


The book,


Gangsta in the House,


is a collection of observations and conclusions made by a fifteen-year veteran police officer from Houston, Texas.


The book begins with the prologue which is a graphic fictional account of a drive-by shooting and is based on a compilation of real life incidents.

This book has two themes:

1. Gang members are seeking firm, fair, and consistent external discipline to help them decide where social boundaries are located, and

2. Promises kept breed respect for the system while promises broken breed contempt.

Gangsta in the House ... is written with a conversational style, but does include a touch of humor.

The subject is, however, very serious and relevant to today's social environment.

The book should take the mystery out of the gang experience and open doors to understanding why these young people do the things they do.

An explanation about how gang members perceive the world differently than "normal" people and how that different perception occurs is offered.

The reader learns about the three big lies told by all street gangs to their members and how those lies help in recruiting new members and bolstering the image of the gang.

The reader also discovers that most criminal street gangs fall into one of the five "families" of gangs and how to recognize these broad families.

Girl gangs, the nature of the gang uniform and the purpose of graffiti is discussed in detail.

The last three chapters:

Empowerment, Denial and the Cure...

formulate conclusions and detail specific suggestions for change in the way we deal with crime and punishment issues.

The reader may be surprised by the nature and scope of these changes--particularly coming from a person of the Author's background.

Gangsta in the House offers practical, common sense solutions for parents, communities, and governments that could effect gangs and crime in America and make our neighborhoods safer for us and our children.


         Demystify Street Gangs

Mike Knox's most requested seminar is now available on VHS video. A dynamic and powerful video which includes:



--A Working definition of Street Gang and Gang Member.



--Basic Information on the history of American street gangs.



--An explanation of how Traditional and Contemporary Gangs Differ.



--The five major gang families structure defined.



--The Three Big Lies.



--Practical solutions and preventative measures every adult can use.



--The Mind of a Gangsta


Educate yourself about the "street gang" phenomenon sweeping our country.

Watch this video and replace myth, ception, apprehension, and ignorance with facts, comfort, and knowledge!

DEMYSTIFY STREET GANGS, approximately 90 minutes in length, is appropriate for Educators, Administrators, Politicians, Counselors, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Parents.

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