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Guide For Police Robbery and Security Trainers
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Guide For Police Robbery and Security Trainers
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Orders for the new GUIDE FOR POLICE ROBBERY TRAINERS(3.5MB Download) are now being accepted. This PC Download Guide retails at $35.00 and is shipped directly to you via email.

This new training guide contains 11 training topics and support the comprehensive training tools provided in the Armed Robbery Training Manual CD-ROM.  It is designed specifically for Police and Security trainers who train multiple types of community businesses and security personnel.

The GUIDE FOR POLICE ROBBERY TRAINERS contains 3.5 MB of training material including our entire Armed Robbery: With Injury series.

  • Armed Robbery Training for Police Trainers.
  • Conducting Mock Robbery Training.
  • Off-Site Robbery Training.
  • Armed Robbery Training. Does it Work?
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury A case history and discussion (Retail)
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury Part 2, A case history and discussion (Hotel/Motel)
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Part 3, A robbery and it's emotional aftermath
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Short duration armed robbery training sessions
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Frequently asked questions about Armed Robbery
  • Resisting a holdup
  • Target Selection

The GUIDE FOR POLICE ROBBERY TRAINERS will enhance all current training programs for Crime Prevention officers, Patrol officers and Investigators who conduct community educational programs for:

  • Service clubs
  • Professional associations/organizations
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Jewelry stores
  • Hotel/Motel operations

Security Trainers who teach robbery education classes to a variety of different businesses will also benefit from this material.



ThE ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL ON CD-ROM is designed to help you, your co-workers and managers, learn how to reduce the robbery risk that you have. This manual also provides Law Enforcement and Security trainers with the tools they need for conducting their respective training responsibilities.

The manual presents you with CORE educational content, and then breaks the content down into:

  • Outlines,
  • Forms,
  • Guidelines,
  • Checklists,
  • Study questions,
  • Procedure cards, that YOU can be the teacher or instructor.

A collaborative work by armed robbery experts John D. Moore, CPP, and Richard J. Ottenstein, Ph.D., this CD based manual covers subjects the authors want you to be able to read, teach, or print, in the high-risk location where you need it most.

Available in digital format!

For immediate use in the workplace, this manual is available in it's entirety, in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. It comes on the CD-ROM.

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from, and you can have the entire manual at your fingertips, whenever you need it!

Each CORE topic is followed by content outlines, study guide questions, and any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.

21 additional high resolution images of weapons (49 total) are included in the 5th Edition. These new images are courtesy of the Smith & Wesson Corporation and Remington Firearms Corporation. All of the weapons are formatted into (WMF, BMP, TIFF) for importing into any presentation program, or use with any graphics viewer.

The 5th Edition is an absolute must for Police Trainers, Security Professionals, and those responsible for safety and security training in the workplace.

Elective and Supplemental Training Resources:

  • Letter and Package Bomb Detection Techniques
  • 1996 Selected Explosives Incidents Report, Killed, Injured
  • 1996 Selected Explosives Incidents Report, Targets
  • 1996 Selected Explosives Incidents Report, Motives
  • Criminal Victimization 2000, National Crime Victimization Survey
  • Federal Firearm Offenders, 1992-98
  • Firearm Injury from Crime
  • Firearm Use by Offenders
  • Guns Used in Crime
  • Weapons Offenses and Offenders
  • Violence and Theft in the Workplace
  • Injuries from Violent Crime, 1992-98
  • A real illness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CORE Topics


Alarms, Use & Training

Care For Yourself After a Traumatic Event

Conducting Mock Robbery Training
Conducting Off-Site Training

Crisis Response for Robbery Victims
Injuries and Weapons
Myths of Armed Robbery
Observation Skills
Physical and Environmental Security
Police Response

Resisting a Holdup
Robbery Procedure Cards

Robbery Security Surveys
Robbery Training Studies
Robbery Training Techniques
Security Lighting
Target Selection and Security

Training by Role Playing
Weapons of Robbery


Including The NEW Supplemental Series........


--Armed Robbery: With Injury. A case history and discussion, Retail robbery.

--Armed Robbery: With Injury. A case history and discussion, Hotel/Motel robbery

--Armed Robbery: With Injury. The victim, the cop and the robber. The emotional aftermath of an armed robbery.

--Armed Robbery: With Injury. Short duration armed robbery training sessions

--Armed Robbery: With Injury. Employee robbery FAQ's

Each manual discusses the topics listed above, as well as providing 35 elective and resource areas about armed robbery.

Elective and Supplemental Training Resources:

  • Armed Robbery In an All America City
  • Executive and Family Safety at Home
  • Bomb Images (1), (2).
  • Bomb Threats and Procedures
  • Controlled Substances Security Manual
  • Priorities, Workplace Violence
  • News Release, Workplace Violence in Late-Night Retail Establishments
  • Recommendations for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in Late-Night Retail Establishments
  • Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines
  • How to Prepare for Workplace Emergencies
  • Fact Sheet, What is workplace violence?
  • Fact Sheet, Why should everyone be concerned about job safety and health?
  • OSHA, Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) Posting of notice
  • OSHA, Poster
  • Bank Robbery - 18 USC 211 3(a) and (d) Defined.
  • Violence in the Workplace, 1993-1999
  • Reliving Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The CD-ROM version (for WIN95/98/2000/ME/XP NT) contains high resolution images of the manuals 49 weapons and devices.

The CD-ROM also contains:

13 Editable Slide Programs:

  • Executive and Family Safety at Home
  • Forms, Guidelines, and Checklists.
  • Conducting Mock Robbery Training
  • Conducting Off-Site Training
  • Bomb Devices
  • Weapons of Robbery
  • Robbery Training Methods, What Works?
  • Robbery Training Methods, Observation skills
  • Robbery Training Methods, Target selection
  • Resisting a Holdup
  • Robbery Training Methods, Post Robbery Procedure
  • Police Response
  • Injuries and Weapons

Created in Microsoft PowerPoint, each can be reused or edited for training purposes. All slides have also been converted to popular image formats for importing into other presentation programs.

The Commercial CD-ROM, 5th Edition, is 575MB of images, slides and manual content.

Also available in a Content Only ... without the slide programs.

Elective and Supplemental Training Resources:

  • Title 12 Banks and Banking, Part 298 Subpart F, Regulation H, Minimum Security Standards.
  • Title 12, Banks and Banking, Chapter 1, Minimum Security Devices and Procedures.
  • Title 12, Banks and Banking, Chapter 2, Miscellaneous Requirements.
  • Title 12, Banks and Banking, Chapter 3, Part 326, Minimum Security Devices and Procedures and Bank Secrecy Act.
  • Title 12, Banks and Banking, Chapter 5, Part 568, Security Procedures, Section 568.3, Security Program.
  • Fact Sheet, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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