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UII National Crime Commission - Security Training Update 11-2002
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November 21, 2002 Update



Update Your Personal and Agency Police Training Library with:
Finally, here is a timely video training program that provides the highest degree of much-needed training tactics for the "Street Cop" and the Working Security Specialist!
It's a fact of life!
Every day police and security officers in villages, municipalities, cities, counties and state law enforcement agencies, schools, private and public workplaces, throughout the nation, are MISSING the Guns, the Drugs, and other Contraband during their searches!
The HIDDEN TRAPS AND SECRETS COMPARTMENTS training video will give school and private security officers the much-needed skills required to find even the most well-hidden compartments, traps and other unique hiding places used by suspects, criminals and drug or concealed weapons carriers.
This high-quality video training tool, perfect for roll call and in-service training use, is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of any and all law enforcement and security officers when they need to conduct important searches.
Only $39.95 Plus Shipping! 
Order Your VHS Video Today!





The Manual of Prohibited
and Concealable Weapons
The purpose of THE MANUAL OF PROHIBITED AND CONCEALABLE WEAPONS is to provide law enforcement and security personnel with an instant-reference to aid in the detection of prohibited and concealable weapons.
The much-needed manual, in convenient binder format, will heighten awareness to those items which could be disguised, modified, improvised, homemade, or commercially manufactured concealable weapons, creating a serious, if not deadly, threat to anyone who encounters them.
This vital 3-ring manual has been divided into separate categories for quick, easy access.
Each item is, wherever possible, shown actual size and where considered necessary the method of use of a particular weapon has been illustrated. 



The Unspoken Dialogue:
Understanding Body Language
and Controlling Interviews and Negotiations

If you can read body language, you can always gain the upper hand in any contact or confrontation. This ground-breaking work -- written by a former police officer, will give you an instant advantage on the street. It will enable you to recognize potential trouble before it happens and prepare you to respond appropriately.  It will help you understand and evaluate the non-verbal messages of others, regardless of the situation, from routine interrogation to highly-charged confrontations.  If you are able to take in the common-sense principles that are set out in this training guidebook, you will become a much more effective communicator.  You will be able to use these skills on both offense and defense. 
THE UNSPOKEN DIALOGUE takes you through a process of understanding the body signs of confrontations; the various dimensions of interactive dialogue; and how you can manipulate dialogue in the direction you want.
It doesn't take years of training or practice to master these techniques. They are easy to learn, more efficient, and much less confrontational than the methods of Counter-Arguing or Verbal Force Threats.  As soon as you finish THE UNSPOKEN DIALOGUE, you will be able to remember and use these simple and practical techniques for recognizing what the body is Saying so that you can take control of the situation.

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